Geology / History

Lapis Lazuli (Arabic & Latin - blue stone) can be described as an impure variety of the mineral Lazurite, more accurately it is a type of rock containing primarily Lazurite (25-40%), Calcite & Pyrite (also augite, diopside, enstatite, mica, hornblende, sodalite, haĆ¼yne).

Lapis has a very distinctive blue colour due to the Lazurite. Too much pyrite causes a dull greenish tint. In the best-quality specimens the colour is evenly distributed but in general it is spotty or striated. As well as use in carvings & gems it has been used for millennia as a blue pigment when ground to a fine powder known as ultramarine. Ancient Egyptians where notable miners of Lapis.

Metaphysical Properties

Stone of the gods. A powerful protection & magic stone used by Egyptian priestesses. The heartbeat of Isis opens the third eye & balances the throat charka. Lapis teaches the power of the spoken word. It encourages self-awareness & self-expression, honesty & compassion. 

Lapis bonds relationships, dissolves stress, martyrdom, cruelty & suffering. Enhances the sense of oneness & increases spiritual strength.  Stimulates enlightenment, enhances dreams & psychic abilities. A stone of pure wonder & magic connected to all that was & is. It opens the Akashic records, doorways to other worlds & translates divine guidance into conscious understanding.

Brings forth clarity & focus through enlightenment via energy expansion. Abundance & strength are learned through releasing of fear. Lapis holds & distributes unconditional love. The goal of Lapis is global ascension it has a deep connection to the Earth & all its inhabitants.

Crystal Healing

Alleviates pain, overcomes depression, boosts immune systems. Alleviates insomnia & vertigo, lowers blood pressure.


Group: Silicates-Tectosilicates

Crystal System: Cubic

Composition: Na3Ca(Al3Si3O12)S

Form/Habit: Isometric, Dodecahedral when crystalised, Dense aggregate

Hardness: 5-5.5

Cleavage: Indistinct

Fracture: Uneven, brittle, Conchoidal

Lustre: Dull to Vitreous, Greasy

Streak: Bright Blue

Specific Gravity: 2.4

Transparency: Translucent to Opaque

R.I: 1.5 average

Colour: Various intense shades of blue

Birefringence: None

Pleochroism: Absent

Fluorescense: Strong white, orange, copper