More workshops coming in 2016  

Crystal Mountain, Heartsong Cottage & Crystal Cave have collaborated their experience & talents to bring you a well faceted arrangement of energy healing techniques. With a unified goal to assist in the spiritual enlightenment of all beings we aim to assist in soul realisation & understanding of self. Through understanding your own energy, ones infinite potential is released!

The Healing 101 Workshop is hosted by the immensely talented Amanda Heartsong, whom is a relentless driving force that has created the sanctuary of Heartsong Cottage through courage, persistence & resilience. She is extraordinarily apt in the realms of mentor, guide or teacher. Her wisdom has evolved with compassion through understanding, to develop a deep knowing of universal truths. Amanda's manytalents both innate & developed make her an outstanding healer & spiritual coach.    

For more info contact Amanda Heartsong

0421 720 021 or 0466 105 884