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Crystalline Lotus - The Scolesite Experience

Currently Scolesite obsessed and loving it! I find this crazy Zeolite to be a fascinating meditation tool as it’s energy opens slowly, much like a lotus flower bringing with it the same gift of wondrous life, spectacular promise and new beginnings every day. Definitely a gentle loving energy with a beautifully soft yet powerful light that radiates in multiple direction and brings your attention to the cellular levels of connectivity through all existence. Excellent for past life healing, distance healing and all types of communication as it bridges distances through space and time. A self & universal love promoter that dissipates negative energy and instills peaceful serenity. Also makes a great addition to any crystal grid. 
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The Wonders of Crystal Cocktails


Glorious Glorious Moldavite!
Such an amazing creation & beautiful mineraloid to play with. One of my fun things to do at the moment is join Moldavite with Libyan Desert Tektite & Herkimer Golden Enhydro Diamonds. hoowee it’s quite an intrepid cocktail of volatile energy & when handled with peace brings amazing insight & understanding. Expansion is the key word!


The Moldavites energy speeds up to the Libyan Gold as they merge & form a new layer of interstellar connectivity around the body, extending the auric field well beyond human comprehension. Space & time perception starts to shift opening deep level soul understanding. While the Herkimers interweave joyous comprehension of the web of life & delivers conscious non-judgmental acceptance of our own creations. The keys to manifestation become highlighted here as we see how each different perspective frees us from earthly bonds of fear allowing flow, soul expression & enlightenment to take place. The Herkimer’s are also energy cells which create drive & amplify the Moldavite & Libyan Gold, the three charge each other in an endless cycle. The fear of failure or question of success no longer exists as once the veil of illusion subsides, there is only the truth of ones infinite creation ability. Life obstacles take on a new light, becoming simply intriguing lessons on life garden path. We come to see as tree roots weave their way into the ground to grow we to weave across its surface attaining the same goal, every step is creation & growth.

Once this truth is recognised the crystals start to shift out auric emotional debris, releasing the trauma & pain accumulated & buried over years of human experience.  Then pure solid immensely strong heart energy kicks in & permeates the entire body, expanding & strengthening your energetic being. The connection to ones higher self & simultaneous physical creation power is profound!  Spirit becomes physical expression. Needless to say this is a difficult experience to articulate I found it to be simply, truly profound. These little epiphanies will ripple lasting life changes throughout my entire existence. 

Yes it does take you of the planet only to return supercharged with the understanding there is no separation between the spiritual & physical realms. Oneness & enlightenment through expansion is gained.    

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Malachite - The Green Dragon


The wonders of Malachite

Malachite’s name derives from the Greek molochitis lithos, “mallow-green stone”,  Malachite is a Copper carbonate hydroxide mineral , which generally results from weathering of copper ores & often found together with Azurite Goethite ,Calcite. Rarely found with Chrysocolla & Turquoise. This green banded mineral crystallizes in the monolinic crystal system, most commonly forming botryoidal, fibrous or stalagmitic masses in fractures & spaces deep underground. Growth occurs where the water table & hydrothermal fluids provide the means for chemical precipitation. Individual crystals are rare & occur as slender to acicular prisms. Pseudomorphs can occur after more tabular or blocky Azurite crystals. The properties of Malachite are similar to those of Azurite & aggregates of the two minerals occur frequently. Malachite is more common than Azurite & is typically associated with copper deposits around limestones, the source of the carbonate.

Archaeological evidence indicates that the mineral has been mined & smelted at Timna Valley in Israel for over 3,000 years. Malachite dust is toxic & should not be inhaled, natural unpolished specimens should be handled with care.

Metaphysical Properties

The Green Dragon, stone of transformation & endless possibility. This stone harbors intense magic capable of manifesting great things. Within lies powerful healing, purifying, cleansing & manifestation. Malachite must be respected when used magically, especially when releasing the Dragon. Focus heart energy into this stone & the secrets of creation are at your fingertips. Excellent for release & ritual work. Reduces stress, breaks down the need for answers & brings understanding.  Powerful energy conductor which removes negative energies & unblocks your spiritual path. Provides strong protection absorbing pollutants, plutonium, radiation & clears EMF’s.

Crystal Healing

Arthritis, insomnia, stress, child birth, Stress headaches, heart

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Apophyllite Double Terminated Stalactite Wand

Holy crap batman.  Totally gorgeous and super rare, Apophyllite Double Terminated Pyramids on Stalactite, plus it’s covered in the double terminators. I am beyond excited, this piece will make an awesome natural wand!

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Ametrine & Yellow Turquoise

Introducing Ametrine & Yellow Turquoise Ametrine brings through divine grace along with our higher self & deepens soul intuitions removing fear & negative thoughts. Your I can’t becomes effortless I can. Yellow Turquoise is a transformation stone, all About the new. It draws back to you past powers from yourself & your ancestral lines. Together they assist with the final transition of cyclic endings & beginnings,  the last move required to grow is allowing the old skin to shed, revealing the new you, you have been working so very hard on.
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