Geology / History

This intense purple & rare silicate mineral was named after the Chara River, which flows through the Chara sands, a desert of Siberia. This desert is home to the one mountain where Charoite is found. The discovery was made in the 1940s during the construction of a rail tunnel. Part of the Russian governmental debt was paid in Charoite. This mineral is strictly massive in nature & is found where Syenite of the Murunskii Massif has intruded into & altered Limestone deposits. This interaction produces a potassium Feldspar Metasomatite. Charoite can also occur in association with Canasite & Tinaksite. 

Metaphysical Properties

A transformation stone of enlightenment, grace & magic. Creates rapid expansion Stimulates deep a blissful state for deep emotional healing. Charoite shows you acceptance in the present moment with the message we are perfect. Releases the illusion of duality blending light & dark with balance to create oneness.

Deep fears, worry & anxieties are dissolved here. With this state of grace comes focused thought, increased intuition & understanding of ones infinite manifestation abilities. Teaches us to survive, blossom & reach full potential in the harshest of environments. Brings balance anchoring the higher self into the physical realm. Connects the unconscious mind to past lives bringing forth ancient knowledge & reintegrating past powers into present day attributes. 

Crystal Healing

Stimulates deep sleep. Regenerates energy, assists eyes, heart, liver & pancreas. Dissolves addictive behaviours, helps autism & bipolar.


Group: Silicate Mineral

Crystal System:Monoclinic - Prismatic 2/m


Form/Habit:Fibrous, massive

Hardness: 5-6

Cleavage:Good in three directions


Lustre:Vitreous to pearly

Streak: White

Specific Gravity:2.54 - 2.58


R.I:nα = 1.550 nβ = 1.553 nγ = 1.559

Colour:Violet, lilac, light brown

Birefringence:δ = 0.009

Fluorescence:Weakly fluorescent

Optical Properties: Biaxial (+)