Geology / History

Celestite is named after Latin "caelestis" - of the sky, alluding to the sky-blue colour commonly exhibited by its crystals. Celestite is usually colourless or pale blue but orange (Ontario, Canada), brown, yellow & greenish material has been reported.  It occurs as tabular & prismatic crystals also in compact massive & fibrous forms or as numerous crystals lining geodes. The largest known geode has crystals 18 inches wide & is estimated to weigh up to 300 pounds (135 kg) each. Perfect cleavage & brittleness make Celestine difficult to facet. Cut stones rarely exceed 10 carats.

Metaphysical Properties

The stone of Heaven. Celestite has a very high vibration & is imbued with immense divine energy. A blissful uplifting crystal of great joy & endless peace. Stimulates imagination, inspiration & spiritual awakening by opening light channels connecting the physical to divine energy. 

Celestite heightens intuition, promotes purity of heart & attracts good fortune. It manifests the highest good for all. Assists in conflict both internal & external by infusing the situation with compassionate love, bringing blissful peace & harmony. Greatly enhances intuition teaching trust in self & the universe.

Celestite encourages communication & expression, releasing fear of judgment then allowing ones inner beauty to shine. Brings spirit guides closer lifting the veil of separation allowing higher guidance & ancient knowledge to enter ones energy field. Celestite promotes connectivity & universal oneness, it radiates powerful love. Place next to bed to aid restful sleep. This crystal resonates strongly with the heart chakra, energises all other chakras & extends the third eye chakra.

Crystal Healing

Excellent for dissolving pain.  Treats disorders of the eyes & ears.  Eliminates toxins, soothes & relaxes muscles tension.  Calms mental torment. excellent for insomnia & sleep disorders.


Group: Sulphates

Crystal System: Orthombic

Composition: SrSO4

Form/Habit: Tabular, can also be massive, fibrous, granular or nodular

Hardness: 3-3.5

Cleavage: Perfect

Fracture: Uneven

Lustre: Vitreous, pearly on cleavage

Streak: White

Specific Gravity: 4.0

Transparency: Transparent to translucent

R.I: 1.62-1.63

Colour: Colourless, white, red, green, blue or brown

Birefringence: 0.004 – 0.012

Pleochroism: Weakly Trichroic

Fluorescence: Inert to weak fluorescence of body color (possible phosphorescence)