Geology / History

Cacoxenite is associated with iron ores. The name comes from the Greek κăκός for "bad" or "evil" & ξένος for "guest" because the phosphorus content of the beautiful Cacoxenite lessens the quality of the iron smelted from ore containing it.

Occurring as a secondary phase in oxidized magnetite & limonite deposits. Also in Iron, phosphorus rich sediments & in novaculites.

Cacoxenite can form within Amethyst as an inclusion, this is a rare occurrence. 

Metaphysical Meaning

A super high vibration crystal of spiritual evolution with strong connections to divine energy. Can build & remove protective shields. This is a deeply powerful stone for personal & planetary awareness, acceptance, love, healing & enlightenment.

Believed to assist in the growth of all mankind by opening the mind to new concepts that can be shared throughout civilization. Cleanses one of negative attachments. Expands consciousness & aligns all chakras with the divine. Used for world meditation to increase spiritual awareness.


Crystal Healing

Alleviates stomach or digestive problems & support the thyroid. Promotes hair & nail growth. Cares for eyes, ears, hands & feet.


Group: Phosphate mineral

Crystal System:

Composition: Fe3+24Al(PO4)17O6(OH)12·17(H2O)

Form/Habit: Acicular, radial, stellate

Hardness: 3-4

Cleavage: None

Fracture: Uneven

Lustre: Silky

Streak: White

Specific Gravity: 2.2 - 2.6

Transparency: Semitransparent

R.I: nω = 1.575 - 1.585 nε = 1.635 - 1.656

Colour: Yellow to brownish yellow, reddish orange, golden yellow, deep orange, green; yellow in transmitted light

Birefringence: δ = 0.060

Pleochroism: visible: O = Pale yellow E = Canary yellow to yellow orange