A magnesium silicate belonging to the pyroxene group of minerals alongside Hypersthene, Bronzite is a ferriferous variety of Enstatite with approx 12-30% Fe+2. This Iron bearing Enstatite & hypersthene undergo a partial alteration, known as schillerization. The schillerization process causes the separation of the iron into very fine films of oxide & hydroxides achieving a metallic scheen/schiller on the cleavage surfaces that resembles bronze.

Bronzite can occur within many mafic to ultramafic igneous rocks, such as, norite, gabbro, peridotite & the serpentinites which have derived from them. It also occurs in some crystalline schist. Some notable localities are USA, Brazil, Madagascar, Austria, Czech Republic


Metaphysical Properties

The keeper of light & strength of fight. Bronzite has an unwavering frequency that powerfully repels curses, hexes, psychic attack & dark magic. It removes then releases attachments & breaks karmic bonds or contracts. This guardian stone shields against all negative energy by neutralising & transforming it. Not limited to external energies it assists in eliminating negative thought, stress, anxiety, depression & destructive behavioral patterns. It imparts a purposeful & focused resilience, instilling motivation to achieve one’s goals.

Bronzite teaches many universal lessons. It shows the secrets of sacred geometry & how to create through the cycles of life & transformation of old into new. Harnessing an immense anchor of Earth energy Bronzite is geared to take dyeing negative energy & transmute it into a creation of positive growth, nothing is wasted nor destroyed simply converted. Bronzite connects one to their ancestral magic & guardians. It helps to retrieve memory of past life’s & soul path records. It illuminates all corners of consciousness to achieve deep realisation & enlightenment – understanding is the key to creation.

Bronzite holds a vibration of both stillness & movement, this makes it an excellent manifestation tool for all varieties of wealth & abundance. A formidable ally for spellcasters, great for protection, removal/banishing & manifestation spells. It can be used to permanently remove or bind specific energies as well as install & expand positive energies. An excellent protective talisman & good luck charm.

Bronzite is an ambassador for the Fae & elemental realms acting as a bridge or type of key to connection & understanding through illumination. A powerful Earth healer with a continuous connected cycle & hugely strong grounding anchor. Activates the star chakra, excellent for cleansing of all chakras, A Shaman stone that supportively guides one through all journeys, physical & dimensional. The Shaman nature of Bronzite lends itself to a great fusion of energies it combines the Sun, Moon & Earth, all above & below. Connected to all, it pierces all layers of the veil. A wonderful aid to meditation & study as it brings peace, calmness & sacred sanctuary.


Crystal Healing

Blood purification, aids trauma recovery, anxiety, PTSD & Depression. Muscular/nerve issues  



Group: Pyroxene - Inosilicate

Crystal System: Orthorhombic

Composition: (Mg,Fe2+)2[SiO3]2

Form/Habit: Prismatic crystals, commonly lamellar, fibrous, or massive

Hardness: 5-6

Cleavage: Good/distinct on [210]

Twinning: Simple and lamellar on [100]

Fracture: Uneven

Lustre: Vitreous, pearly on cleavage

Streak: white-brownish

Specific Gravity: 3.3-3.43

Transparency: Translucent to opaque

R.I: 1.665-1.703

Colour: Green, yellow/bronze, brown, colourless in thin sections

Birefringence: δ = 0.009–0.011

Pleochroism: Pale green to pale orange

Strunz Classification: 9.DA.05

Dana Classification: